NDTL is a research and development organization focused on the execution of large-scale, high-energy, high-complexity testing supported by leading-edge computational and analysis capabilities. Located in a 25,000 square foot facility in downtown South Bend’s Ignition Park, NDTL partners with industry and government in the development of advanced technologies required for conventional and high Mach air-breathing propulsion, energy generation, advanced thermal management, and energy storage solutions.

The next generation of hypersonic applications, including Mach 5 commercial aircraft, single-stage to orbit (SSTO) vehicles, and strategic national defense applications, are based on high Mach air-breathing engines. NDTL’s infrastructure and staff expertise in high-energy, high-complexity R&D test programs make it a natural partner for the emerging challenges associated with this technology. Leveraging its capabilities and working with its R&D partners, NDTL has developed two new test facilities for high Mach airbreathing propulsion technologies.


Ignition Park Facility

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