Mark H. Ross

Senior Research Scientist

Mark H. Ross is a Senior Research Scientist at the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) where he leads fundamental research efforts in the Front-Stage Core Compressor (FSCC) and Advanced Noise Control Fan (ANCF) facilities. He serves as a technical advisor to NDTL project teams on test engineering, experimental methods, and data analysis.

Dr. Ross holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame (2014). His doctoral research focused on developing a physics-based approach to circumferential groove casing treatment design for transonic axial compressors. Dr. Ross' research interests include casing treatment technologies for aerodynamic, aeromechanical, and aeroacoustic applications in compressors. He is also interested in aerodynamic and aeromechanical impacts of distorted inflows on fans and compressors, reacting flows, and novel control technologies for noise reduction from vehicles and propulsors. 

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