The Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) is focused on research, testing, and workforce development for a wide range of applications that involve turbomachinery technology. The University of Notre Dame has recently completed construction of a new 28,000-square-foot facility in South Bend, Indiana, USA to enable significant expansion in test cell capability. The facility at Ignition Park operates with shaft powers from 700 hp to 12,000 hp in a secured, export-controlled environment. Computational capabilities include a range of in-house and commercial software for structural and fluid-flow analysis as well as a dedicated, large-scale HPC cluster. 

These experimental and numerical capabilities provide opportunities to create a shorter development path for the maturation of new gas turbine engine technologies. NDTL has significant and demonstrated experience with large-scale programs focused on rapid transition of low TRL technologies to production. 

NDTL currently employs 41 full-time employees and works with 7 Ph.D. candidates. The directors of NDTL are seeking to form new relationships with government and industry in order to advance the development of commercial and military aircraft, power plants, and the oil and gas industries.

Notre Dame’s Commitment to Research 

The University of Notre Dame is a private research and teaching university inspired by its Catholic mission. Located in South Bend, Indiana, USA, its researchers are advancing human understanding through research, scholarship, education, and creative endeavor in order to be a repository for knowledge and a powerful means for doing good in the world. For more information, please see or @UNDResearch.

Current Research

First additively manufactured integrally bladed rotor displayed at the Farnborough International Airshow

The first additively manufactured integrally bladed rotor (IBR) was proudly displayed at the Farnborough International Airshow in July. The IBR is a collaboration between the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL), Norsk Titanium (Norsk), Pratt & Whitney and TURBOCAM International as they develop and test additively manufactured turbomachinery components. This collaboration will focus on exploring the applicability of Norsk’s Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD™) material to turbomachinery applications. As part of this effort, NDTL will test an additively manufactured IBR produced and inspected to meet the applicable quality specifications used in Pratt & Whitney’s current turbomachinery components. The team has completed the initial phase of testing, with TURBOCAM International conducting machining trials of Norsk’s RPD™ material and Pratt & Whitney successfully inspecting the material to the same specification as forged turbomachinery components. …

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10MW Test Cell Inlet Installation

The 10MW test cell at the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) is nearing completion with the installation of an inlet. The inlet has been designed for compressor testing with a mass flow on the order of 100 lbm/s. Aerodynamic design and flow conditioning have been supported by using CFD tools in order to guarantee uniform flow at the compressor inlet and low pressure losses in the operating range. The low loss design makes it possible to reach low compressor pressure ratios in choked conditions.…

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10MW Test Cell Exhaust Scroll Installation

10MW Test Cell Exhaust Scroll Installation

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