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Calibration of Spalart-Allmaras Model for Simulation of Corner Flow Separation in Linear Compressor Cascade

The adverse pressure gradient and aerodynamic flow interactions within axial compressors lead to suction surface flow separation and recirculation at the rotor trailing edge hub corner. Corner flow separation appearance and size variation, with respect to flow incidence, affects blade loading, blockage area, and entropy generated performance loss during both on- and off-design operation. Accurate prediction of this complex non-equilibrium turbulent flow typically requires eddy resolving simulations (DES, LES, etc.). However, the computational cost associated with these models for industry relevant Reynolds number flows is unacceptable in the design process. As such, lower cost RANS models are a standard in the component design process despite known difficulties predicting the non-equilibrium flow phenomena characterizing separated flows.…

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Hot-Wire Probe Design and Calibration for High-Speed, High-Temperature Flows

Hot Wire

The use of hot-wire anemometry in high-speed, high-temperature flows with large temperature variations presents unique challenges for probe calibration, design, and survivability. Researchers at the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) have developed a custom hot-wire probe design and sensor attachment procedure. The design employs high-

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