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April Ushers in New Beginnings at NDTL


The end of this week marks NDTL’s second month at Ignition Park and, in many ways, the beginning of a new era for the lab and its team members. Lab test cells are rapidly acquiring hardware, and work on main flow piping and secondary piping is scheduled to restart soon. Massive heat exchangers and silencers have been craned onto the roof of Catalyst II where the lab is housed. Catalyst II has also acquired new signage, marking the façade of the building with the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory name. The installation of hardware and continuing work on lab facilities will allow for testing in the coming months. The unique capabilities of the lab and the possibilities that they represent for NDTL are now moving from the design and model phase to an impressive reality. Members of the Notre Dame, local, and state communities have been invited to commemorate the opening of the new lab with a ribbon cutting ceremony in early June 2016.…

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