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Numerical Simulation of NDTAC Flow Field

The animation displays a numerical simulation of the Notre Dame Transonic Axial Compressor (NDTAC) flow field using Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) approach; the Q criterion is colored by the total pressure field.

The simulation was performed in a single reference frame (SRF) using ~7,000,000 cells with a mesh designed to produce y+ values of 1. Subgrid-scale model was based on k-omega SST turbulence closure while LES limit was consistent with coherent structure model.…

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VLES of flow field around helicopter blades in hover

A Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) of a flow field around helicopter blades in hover. Delayed wall behavior together with k-omega SST and coherent structure model were used in this simulation. The computation was wall-resolved (y+ = 1) and the overall size of the mesh is about 7,000,000 cells. 

By: Dr. Ryan Kelly and Dr. Aleksandar Jemcov…

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Notre Dame holds ribbon cutting for new Turbomachinery Laboratory

Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory

Nearly two years ago to the day of the ribbon cutting, the University of Notre Dame announced a plan to build a $36 million turbomachinery research and testing laboratory at Ignition Park in South Bend. On that day, June 25, 2014, the University and its project partners — the City of South Bend, Great Lakes Capital, the state of Indiana and Indiana Michigan Power — unveiled a vision for the new Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL), a high-powered research laboratory to analyze and advance the technology of gas turbine engines used for jet aircraft, power generation plants and the oil and gas industry.

Tuesday (June 7), the 25,000-square-foot facility was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring University leaders and researchers along with community, state and private sector representatives. Researchers at the NDTL will study aerodynamics, thermodynamics and structural mechanics of parts of large rotating machines, with a focus on things such as vibration, stability, flow and efficiency.

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April Ushers in New Beginnings at NDTL


The end of this week marks NDTL’s second month at Ignition Park and, in many ways, the beginning of a new era for the lab and its team members. Lab test cells are rapidly acquiring hardware, and work on main flow piping and secondary piping is scheduled to restart soon. Massive heat exchangers and silencers have been craned onto the roof of Catalyst II where the lab is housed. Catalyst II has also acquired new signage, marking the façade of the building with the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory name. The installation of hardware and continuing work on lab facilities will allow for testing in the coming months. The unique capabilities of the lab and the possibilities that they represent for NDTL are now moving from the design and model phase to an impressive reality. Members of the Notre Dame, local, and state communities have been invited to commemorate the opening of the new lab with a ribbon cutting ceremony in early June 2016.…

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Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory Opens Doors at Ignition Park


Construction crews worked tirelessly throughout the holidays toward completion of the new Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory in downtown South Bend, IN. The move from campus to Ignition Park was completed at the end of January, and the lab officially opened its doors on Monday, February 1. While the majority of NDTL’s team members will be on site, some members will remain on campus to continue work at preexisting testing facilities. NDTL director Joshua Cameron has likened the move to Ignition Park as a home-coming for the team, identifying it as a monumental milestone in the development of the new lab and its research: “The opening of the NDTL facility represents a new beginning for the turbomachinery research that the lab has been conducting at Notre Dame for over a decade. While the move to Ignition Park certainly provides a permanent space for our facilities and team, it also marks the advent of groundbreaking research opportunities made possible by the expansion of our testing capabilities.”…

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NDTL Shares Vision for the Future at Power-Gen International


The Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) hosted a booth at the 2015 Power-Gen International Conference in Las Vegas this past December. As first time participants in the three-day event, NDTL was one of over 1,300 exhibitors on the floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center where the conference was held.…

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