Transonic Axial Compressor (TAC) and Front-Stage Core Compressor (FSCC)

The Transonic Axial Compressor (TAC) and Front-Stage Core Compressor (FSCC) facilities are designed to operate single-stage axial compressors. The modular design allows a wide range of test-articles to be installed using a cantilevered shaft design.

The shaft is levitated on a magnetic bearing system that allows precise positioning of the compressor rotor within the casing. The TAC facility (Notre Dame campus) can operate compressors that require up to 400 hp, with rotational speeds up to 17,000 rpm. The FSCC drive system (Ignition Park) provides up to 700 hp with speeds up to 28,000 rpm. Both facilities have been utilized for industrial and Department of Defense (DOD) testing programs for technology development.