Facilities & Capabilities

NDTL Ignition Park facility

  • Four flexibly configurable test cells for component R&D and validation tests 

  • An air plant capable of producing compressed air up to 50 lbm/s (23 kg/s) at pressures up to 180 psia (12.4 BAR) and temperatures ranging from 100-1200°F (38-650°C)

  • Variable speed electric motors and dynamometers providing power from 1 to 10MW

  • An indirect, gas-fired heater that produces 7MW of compressed air heating capability 

  • A closed loop chilled water system capable of 12MW of heat rejection

  • A vacuum system that provides pull pressures as low as 2 psia (0.14 BAR) at 10 lbm/s (4.5 kg/s) or 10 psia (0.7 BAR) at 50 lbm/s (23 kg/s)

  • 2000+ channels of data acquisition, including high-accuracy pressure and temperature measurements

  • Rotating machinery measurements including telemetry, vibration, and acoustics

  • Facility and data systems capable of handling proprietary and export-controlled work


More information on NDTL's facility infrastructure and operations is available here.